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Just A Little Misunderstanding

Sigor has to do everything around here. Jim Gibbons

Yes, it looks like “misunderstanding” was the word of the day after Midnight Jim’s Night Out.

Everybody was using it. The sheriff who was taking more calls from the Guber and his handler-in-chief than a gøøbernatorial sexting victim, and the false friend who was pressuring the Gube’s lust-object to say it, too:

But in her affidavit, Mazzeo referred to a set of intriguing
circumstances in the hours after her 2006 encounter with Gibbons that
she contends bolsters her case.

Mazzeo alleges that Mossett-Puhek tried to persuade her to stop
pursuing charges against Gibbons and tell police the incident was
nothing but a “misunderstanding.”

The afternoon after the incident, Mazzeo wrote, she did tell police
she no longer wanted to press charges, and the next day Young was
quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal as saying, “No crime occurred.
It’s just a misunderstanding.” (Sun)

It’s almost as if a highly skilled political operative were feeding everyone a set of talking points in an orchestrated attempt to quash the incident in the midst of a heated campaign. You know, if only there were someone like that involved in the incident, why, it would sure explain a lot.

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