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Another Campaign Ad Suggestion

JIm Gibbons Wants Your Notoriously Fickle Vote!Hey, now there’s a catchy slogan! Pulled from those divorce papers where the Hunter Thompson wannabe who’s running the Gube’s unadulterated divorce case noted:

“…the Governor is an at-will servant of a notoriously fickle employer who is currently in no mood for forgiveness or tolerance.” (Sun)

Hey, right back at you, Guv!

Well, you’d be fickle, too, if you had seen what the Gube wants to do to ya.

The only problem with the ad is, well, it stretches the truth a might, what with that busy calendar of his.

Hey, Siggy! Check out my other ads! Uh. You’re still working for the Gibbers’ team, ain’t ya?


  • Harry Reid reminds Nevadans of an uncomfortable, embarrassing truth: Jim Gibbons is, at least on paper, still Governor of the State. (RJ)
  • Was the LDS mayor and gube-wannabe from Nor’Town sponsoring unsanctified sauce for tipsy Republican women? Inquiring minds want to know! (RJ) Okay, not really.
  • Joe and Mike pretend they can win. (KNPR) Godspeed, fellas! Suck up some of that Sands’ money, will ya?
  • Sharron Angle? Sharron Angle and Krolicki Minime? That’s what the state Republicans plan to run against Harry Reid? (Sun) Have you guys simply given up?


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