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Sexting Gubelets

  • Coal-enabler Jim Gibbons announces “green energy plan” apparently designed to provide employment for minority-party enabler and wingnut pusher Monte Miller. (Sun) Miller also provides funds for the legal defense slush fund and is treasurer of the skull and crossbones Keystone, corp., which spends money on an ex-president of the Nevada Puketards Rehabilitation Institute, who is apparently the sole staff member of Keystone, and lots of polling. They also enjoy in-kind free parties at the Venetian alot, too.
  • The Attorney General is having some fun. She gets to defend the Gube from the wrongful-firing, grossed out watching the boss spouse-groping, suit brought against the Gube and his budget guy by an employee who claims she was dismissed by the Gube for outing his sexting/stalking of a Mazzeo-lookalike Milf. The AG had to argue that the employee’s lawyer, who is also working for the Gube’s wife in her divorce case, was just trying to embarrass the Guber by including the good bits about Gibbers’ skirt chasing in the suit. (AP) Dunlap, Dawn’s and the employee’s lawyer, has a ready response. You simply can’t embarrass the complete joke of a Gube any more than the man has done it himself. Of course, Masto Cortez, a Democrat and potential gubewannabe, may be up to something rather devious here. By making a motion to remove the lines about Gibbers’ sexting, she got those lines splashed across the nation thanks to the Associated Papes. So, she probably splashed more mud on the dirty Gube than Dawn’s lawyer could have ever hoped. Just don’t tell the local Bar Association about it.
  • Ah. Nothing like a Reagan tax increase. (RN&R)
  • Legos learn that even the Feds won’t bail out a lost cause. (RJ)
  • LV City Council dodges bullet. Anthony Stravos saith: “Anthony still respects Gov. Jim Gibbons for keeping his promise of not raising taxes. ‘Your integrity is number one,’ he commented.” (RebYell)
  • When times get tough, rabid reactionaries will eat their own young. (Sun)
  • Gibbons deigns to allow us to look at six of our emails, typed on our computer, composed using our email software, and sent through our email server through our switches on our cables. (Sun,INP)
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