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Too Late

Jim Gibbons' Night OutThe governor’s using that Legal Defense Slush Fund to try to dismiss Chrissy Mazzeo’s suit against the Guber for his unwanted grope-attack at McCormick and Schmick’s. The grounds for dismissal?  That the suit is “ludicrous” and is  merely an attempt at “disparaging the reputation and character of the governor.” (Sun)

Woah, they’re way too late. The gube himself had already disparaged what little reputation and character he had left long before the alleged goosing.

Unless…do they plan to sue the governor for self-inflicted disparaging? Can they do that?

Oh, here are the folk who ponyed up for the Gube’s Defense Slush Fund, according to FY 2008′s report:

First off, we have the Fertitta bros and family, owners, at least for the present, of the Stations Casino franchise. They bundled up $30,000 for the Gube.

F Fertitta    2/11/2008    $10,000.00
L Fertitta    2/11/2008    $10,000.00
Station Casinos Corporate    2/1/2008    $10,000.00

Then there’s the Brady bunch bundle. William Brady was one of about a hundred thousand folk on one of those Gibbers’ task force thingies back a century or so ago–you know, at the beginning of the Gube’s endless first term. (Gube) He was also appointed by the Gube to the Gaming Policy Board. (Gube) So, how inappropriate is it for the guy to be thwarting state laws on legal slush funds by throwing the Gube $30,000? Brady is a frequent Monte Miller enabler, too, in that he regularly gives to the ultra-rightwing Keystone, Inc PAC. (NVSoS)

Brady Industries of Arizona    2/5/2008    $10,000.00
Brady Industries, Inc    2/5/2008    $10,000.00
Brady Linen Services    2/5/2008    $10,000.00

Another Casino:
Riverside Resort    1/11/2008    $10,000.00

Las Vegas Helicopters    2/20/2008    $1,000.00
Shining Star Helicopters LLC    2/20/2008    $1,000.00

Doctors and Drug Companies:
A Midlin    2/19/2008    $2,500.00
Allen Midlin MD    2/19/2008    $2,500.00
Dermaceuticals    2/19/2008    $3,500.00

Real Estate Developers and their Lawyers:
Lattie Malang Libertino LLP    4/1/2008    $2,000.00
South Meadows Properties    2/29/2008    $10,000.00
Tahoe Reno industrial Center LLC    2/29/2008    $10,000.00
SC Rancho    2/1/2008    $10,000.00

Edward Bayuk is a partner with Paul Morabito, the lube king:
Edward Bayuk    1/9/2008    $10,000.00

Then there’s the Broidy’s. Eliott Broidy and his wife Robin Rosenzweig have had some interesting adventures with one Steve Westly, a failed Gube candidate in the state Gibbons’ loves to hate: California. Something about Westly taking campaign donations from companies he gave state contracts to. (LAT):
Broidy Capital Management    2/19/2008    $3,000.00
Broidy Capital Management    2/19/2008    $3,000.00
Elliot Broidy    2/19/2008    $3,000.00
Robin Rosenzweig    2/19/2008    $10,000.00

And some others I haven’t looked up, cuz, at this point, I’m just skeered to:
Lohan Media    2/19/2008    $3,000.00
Precious Properties    2/19/2008    $1,500.00
RRL Equity Consultants    2/19/2008    $1,000.00
Di Loreto South Truckee Meadows    2/19/2008    $5,000.00

Woah. February 19th last year must have been some sorta slush fund party for the Gibbers. You think they made him dance around and stuffed the bills in his g-string? And the lawyers think Mazzeo is disparaging him?

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