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The Demon Governor of Mountain Street

Jim Gibbons--the Demon GovernorMmm. Makes you hungry for a meat pie made from a state worker, don’t it?

The Sun’s team of negative nabobs, who hate Nevada and somehow don’t want to turn the state clock back to somewhere around the time when kid Samuel Longhorn Clemens was jumping from one mining camp to the next and finding out that the only thing he was good for lying in print, are listing all sorts of horrible things that are happening under the loving knife of the Demon Governor of Mountain Street.

The Gube’s plotting to cut about 1/3rd out of the state budget, and that’s going to affect a whole bunch of what Phil Gramm would call “whiners”. You know, doctors, autistic kids, parents, sick folks. (Sun,Sun,Sun)

What about casino execs? Why, they head home to California after being comped by taxpayers. (RJ,VHH) Stay in Nevada? Are you nuts? The meat pies taste funny!

Hey, lookee! After Missouri voted for McLame, Nevada has become the bellwether state of presidential elections. Man, that’s scary. (AP)

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