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Gibbons’ Country: Pre-Game Show

Gibbons' Country: Gibbons Holds a Press Conference

Governor Jim Gibbons’ handlers let the Gube out of his cage for his pre-state o’ the state speech show to reveal that he has no idea what will be in his own budget.

Asked if there will be any lay offs under the budget he’ll be proposing, which will include 6% budget cuts to state workers, Gibbons responded

“I think we will have avoided layoffs,” Gibbons said.

“Not completely,” Clinger answered.

“How many?” Gibbons asked.

“We are calculating that number right now,” Clinger responded. (INP)

Yes, budget director Andrew Clinger had to jump in to cover up for the Gube’s ignorance of his own budget. Gibbons also didn’t know if “his” budget would include taxpayer-supported room tax increases. (INP) No surprise here, of course. It’s been well publicized that the Gube hasn’t been paying much attention to the writing of his own budget. (Sun)

So, clueless about his budget, the Gube decided to opt for a distractionthon to finish out his pre-State of what’s left of the State speech show. He said his earlier attacks on Krolicki, which were designed to distract everyone from the lack of a gube economic policy, were not really attacks. (INP) And then he went after AG Masto for adhering to state law when she was required to pay for ex-Nuke guy Loux’s defense in front of the ethics committee. (INP) I don’t know what’s worse: Mr. Lawyer Jim Gibbons’ ignorance of state law or watching the governor of the state encourage his Attorney General to violate it.

Just further evidence of how pathetic and pointless the governor has become.

By the way, don’t miss a pic of the Gube that only Ely could produce. (VT&S)

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