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Gibbons’ Country: Epic Fail Gibbers

GIbbons' Country: Epic Fail Gibbons

Boy howdy! Who wouldn’t want a Mitchell Mouth Series RJ-1864?? Why, it’d be great for scaring pigeons off your house!

And lookee if Atomic Loux didn’t come up with the friendliest, kindliest nickname for the Clingmeister, during a discussion of the Gube’s plan to support Yucca, albeit in a bumbling, subterfugey kinda way:

Clinger said, there’s no reason the attorney general’s office can’t share the $13.8 million allocated to the Nuclear Projects Agency.

Actually, there is a reason. About three-quarters of the $13.8 million in funding for the agency is federal. Federal dollars can’t be spent on outside litigation, only on fighting the Energy Department’s license application. That funding is useless to the attorney general in her battles with the EPA and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Still, Clinger says the money should be enough to get the job done.

“I don’t know how you can say (the agency) is being shut down when they have $13.8 million in there,” he said. “I think it was an overreaction.”

But Loux, who resigned from his position at the agency after he gave himself and his staff unauthorized pay raises, said Clinger “wouldn’t have any clue as to what it would take to prosecute a case before the (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). He’s a bean counter and knows nothing about the process,” Loux said. “The new director doesn’t either, and the governor doesn’t. I don’t think they’re in a position to be making judgments in the place of the attorney general. They simply don’t have a clue.” (Sun)

And it looks like somebody has finally come up with the Gibbers’ campaign slogan for 2010. (CityLifeBlogs,Sun) Say it with me, kids! E-F-G! E-F-G!

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