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Gibbons’ Country: Bad Poetry

Gibbons' Country Bad Poetry

More bad poetry here..

Now I know “inspired” is not a word you would want to associate with the above, but what inspired it was reading this after reading this.

I suppose I should add, in all fairness, that the governor has never, ever accused Nevada Senate Leader Steven Horsford of wearing his grandma’s panties.

Is anybody else getting the sinking feeling that our small gum’nt gube is making an unprecedented power grab? Consider the inclusion/seclusion of the Anti-Nuke workers into the Guv’s offices. Is that so he can keep a close eye on them–along with under-cutting the state’s anti-Yucca stance to appease the loonies in his party? Now that they are the only thin thread of hope for re-elction he’s got with his new, dreadful polling numbers, I mean?

And what about his move to make it easier for the gube to fire state workers? (AP) Is it merely a cost-cutting measure designed to eviscerate what few workers’ rights remain in Nevada, or does it also give the governor so many new unconstitutional powers that it would make John Neely Johnson feel like he was being hanged by a San Francisco Vigilante Committee?

Consider, too, the Guv’s moves to appoint–unconstitutionally–his people to state boards designed to give the governor and the legislature some control–not just the governor alone. (RN&R) Was that a faux pas or an Anschluß? Is the plan to make all state boards the sole property of the guv?

So, why is it that these small gum’nt guys always end up making gum’nt bigger and more centralized? Aside from the fact that they can’t think of a better lie to get themselves elected, I mean?

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