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The Nevada Divorce Diet

Tightening The Belt on NevadaLezsee. Somewhere’s I was reading that after dumpin’ his old lady, the Gube went on a “divorce diet” to shed those campaign pounds in order to become more appealing to desiccated Incline Village heiress MILF’s. (Norm! via Gleany) Something like that, anyways.

Well, the Goober’s been starving himself so much he’s got diets on the brain, and he thinks a diet metaphor passes for policy. So, we read in the newest post-session spew from the Gube:

Vowing state government consolidation of agencies, management and even services, Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons said Monday that he wants to slim things down next year.

Now there’s an idea. Cutting into what’s left of state services is sorta like putting that Tracy kid on Atkins. The only problem is, the fun kinda goes out of it after the victim starves.

Of course all the blather about belt-tightening and dieting don’t mean nothing, and the Gube conceded as much:

Some agencies are going to be consolidated,” he said, throwing out proposals that sound like dieting after belt-tightening has done all it can. He said by consolidating agencies such as the tourism and economic development shops, management positions can be downsized through more attrition.

He was pressed by reporters about whether that would do enough in the budget biennium that begins next July 1.
“It may not save all that’s needed to balance the budget,” he acknowledged, but immediately said even services might get consolidated in his bid to avoid tax increases. (KRNV)

So, a bad idea that won’t even balance the budget. Classic Gibbersish. Well, at least it’s a break from “no new taxes.”

And lookee! Even Reno elites are feeling the housing pinch:

Gov. Jim Gibbons is learning firsthand the bleak state of Nevada’s real estate market.

The governor, who is divorcing his wife, Dawn, is attempting to sell their Reno home.

“I actually showed it the other day and it was amazing,” Gibbons said.

A friend who would like to move into the southwest Reno neighborhood
checked out the house. But the friend must first sell his home, Gibbons

“You know, it’s not an easy process,” he said.

The governor last month listed the four-bedroom home on 2.96 acres and is asking $1.4 million. (Sun)

Hey, why not just trash the place, walk away, and let the bank foreclose? That’s the Nevada way! Then the state can take it over and use it for section 8 housing.

Just don’t leave any abandoned pets–or wives for that matter–behind.

Ah. Black sedans filled with men in black rushing in to arrest the Governor after an extended FBI investigation. Some states have all the luck.

Well, who wants to nominate the ‘Monger to be a Gube “Point of Light”? Oh, come on. Who else you gonna get? Brian Krolicki?

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