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Gibbons’ Country: The Eternal Return

Today’s episode of “Gibbons’ Country” answers the reoccurring question: why is the Gube calling yet another special session of the Legislature?
GIbbons Country: The Eternal Return

Click the pic to see it up close. Especially you guys wanting to see if you showed up in panel 3.

Panel 3 also contains some actual Gibbersish. (Sun,RJ) Tho, I admit it: Gibbons never actually said the MILF line–except maybe in one of those emails the Reno Gazette-Journal wants to look at.

Elsewhere, we learn that Gibbons has failed to keep up his dues in the Western Governors Association, probably because they want to do someithing about global warming while the Gube is counting too much on that campaign contribution from NVEnergy to stand in the way of their new coalplants. (Sun) Here’s a question for the MSM: are the Gube’s dues in the Republican Governors Association paid up, and if so, who exactly paid them? Hope it wasn’t us.

Ooo. Was the Gube’s Tourism Convention called off because the Gube and the tourism industry aren’t lovebirds anymore?

Besides the economy, there were other factors pointing to this year’s event being one to remember.

The first involves the status of the commission’s leadership. Commission Director Tim Maland unexpectedly resigned in mid-September. Although Maland has not discussed his departure publicly, the scuttlebutt was that Gov. Jim Gibbons stated he had lost confidence in Maland’s ability to lead the state’s tourism efforts – which was a surprise because Maland had become adept at getting the most out of very little and used his organizational skills to develop a chain of command that enables the department to operate efficiently. Tourism Department employees regarded him as the best boss they ever had.

Industry insiders say Gibbons already has somebody he wants to lead the commission and the loss of confidence statement was the mechanism used to put his pick in charge. Maland, who came from the private sector and said early on that he would only stay for as long as the job remained
enjoyable, wanted no part of the politics and chose to leave.

Maland’s style was widely regarded as a plus within the tourism industry, so his departure was a huge disappointment and another reason for the industry leaders not to care much for Gibbons. (IBLV)

Course, having a special session on the same day as the conference and the indictment of the state’s tourism poobah–that’d be the Lt. Gube–sorta takes the fun outta everything.

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2 comments to Gibbons’ Country: The Eternal Return

  • Anonymous

    This scheme to try to “borrow” money is semantascistical flapdoodle to cover up the word “tax”.
    It’s the same thing in the end… maybe
    even worse.

    Did anybody invite the FBI? (click)

  • dave404

    Budget Account 101-1000 Office of the Governor
    line item 04-7301 MEMBERSHIP DUES FY 2008-09 Legislature Approved: $123,200;
    I didn’t see any amendments in red…so, what’s he doing with the money?