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Gibbons Country: Reading That Book of Clichés

Gibbons Country: Gibberis

Somebody was talking about the Gibbons’ book of clichés the other day, so I’d thought I’d give a little seminar on what those cute little gibberisms really mean.

And a bunch of folks have caught the Gube lying about his reason for giving his press secretary Keikhefer the boot. (VT&S) But, so what? Stinky McCoaltard’s new sidekick sure is a cute little tyke, ain’t he?

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if he’s dancing for joy or leaping in horror and alarm in that last pic.

Heck, I can’t tell.

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6 comments to Gibbons Country: Reading That Book of Clichés

  • NICE!
    Didn’t you forget these:
    Didn’t he say that he did not have text with that woman?
    And hasn’t he always been an advocate of
    safe text?
    And didn’t he say if he was going to have text.. it would only be with a (BIG) campaign contributor?
    Maybe you could glean a few more “cliches” from his just-fired mouthpiece minion?

  • PS

    HERE’s (click) the latest on the Vote Cheating in Nevada.

    It REALLY doesn’t get much worse than that. And makes you wonder if the goober was really really honestly elected.
    Which anybody with an IQ knows didn’t happen.

  • dave404

    I see in the 11/12/08 LV Sun that Gibbons has put their Reno home up for sale for $1.5!
    So, I was wondering, what does the Washoe County Assesssor say it is worth?
    $817,337. Wow! They are paying about 1/2 the real property tax that they should! One wouldn’t believe that a home with a plywood exterior would be worth a $1.5m but, I guess it being the Governor’s Mansion and all….
    BTW where did he vote? Carson City (his required legal residence) or Washoe?

  • Anonymous

    did pay $7,127 in tax on that sucker though!

  • Anonymous

    tax value went up big this year! One county assessor didn’t want to be like another county assessor?

  • Dave Zirkle

    Holy pre-made biscuits Batman! The dough-boy is the new press secretary.