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Nevada’s Own Keating One

Jim Gibbons texts his staffI know it’s not fair mentioning the Keating five incident again since the Republican candidate for president is such a noble war hero that he’d never get involved in a savings and loan scandal. Plus, it’s so passé, having been a topic of conversation so long ago. Like last week.

I mean, who can be bothered with ancient history?

You know, like that text messaging thing where the Nevada Gaffer was spending all his free time–that’s be about 160 hours per week out of 168–sending love notes to the Mazzeo lookalike he was stalking.

What with the continuing budget crisis, the prison guy threatening to bail if the prison budget gets axed any more, and the Mazzeo suit, who has time to remember gaffes from a month or two ago?

Uh, apparently we do!

Conveniently buried on the last page of the Nevada Section by the local paper of wreckord* and splashed over the front of its insert: Gibbons is begin sued for firing the hapless state employee who exposed his text messaged lust. (RJ, Sun)

You know, that RJ should call that last page of the Nevada Section its Gibbons’ Scandal Section, just so everybody knows where to turn in the morning to find out what the Gube’s been up to. Set up some Cialis ads back there, too. Make it real nice.

Dear old Kickheifer, startled in his office while no doubt chewing through another bottle of antacids by another of “those” calls from the press, immediately ran to the nearest phone to insist again, that just like the tax assessor from Elko, or the son of a prominent now ex-Assemblymember who sits on the tax commission, or just about everyone else in or out of state government that doesn’t cut the gube $10,000-plus checks for the old re-election or legal defense fund, that “The governor wouldn’t recognize Mary Keating if she was sitting right here.”

Not sober anyways.

And how in the world does any work get done in the state budget office, what with the budget director, corporeal Clinger, getting lap dances–albeit spousal–during office hours???

The lawsuit claims that Clinger also wanted her fired because Keating had complained “of his improper sexually oriented conduct with his wife while on state premises” around March 2006.

Clinger said the incident refers to a time when his wife was sitting on his lap in his office. “One of Mary Keating’s employees walked in
unannounced while my wife was there sitting on my lap and my wife stood
up.” (Sun)

One can only wonder where the budget director’s pants were at the time.

Well, Nevada elected Gibbons to minimize state government. Guess the wingnuts just didnt’ realize he’d be using his nuclear-strength incompetence to do such an efficient job of it.


*Hmm. Spell check’s having trouble with that “wreckord”, but seems right to me. The RJ: it’s a wreck and it’s a tangle.

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