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Day Two: The Co-Conspirators Weigh In

Vindicate Chrissy!
The well-oiled political elites who allegedly helped Gibbers cover up his extramarital and unwanted gropings, climbed over themselves today to deny that they ever covered up anything–despite the fact that covering up stuff is a prominent part of their respective job descriptions.

Willy Horton publicist and gube maker Sig Rogich dug deep into his bag of spinster tricks to label Chrissy Mazzeo’s  lawsuit against Gibbons and himself a “publicity stunt.”

Oh, okay. Siggy’s a bit off his game there. I’m sure he’ll do better once he’s had a little time to think it over and once he’s invented something for Mazzeo to publicize with the “publicity stunt.” Is she perhaps starting up a line of cookies, called Gibbersnaps? Or maybe, touting tasteless t-shirts?

Don Campbell, who seems to be everybody’s attorney in this town, at least insofar as he counts among his clients the only rag defending the Gube these days, says he will “vigorously defend” the suit. It’s exceeding unlikely that he himself will actually be defending the suit, however, given he’s one of the co-defendants. He himself believes that he was included in the suit to preclude him from acting for the defense, perhaps having forgotten that according to Mazzeo, the reason he’s on the suit is that he may have destroyed evidence. (AP) Has he forgotten about pushing the “erase” button on the tape machine holding the incriminating evidence so soon? Allegedly, of course. Oh, so, allegedly.

However, the star of the show himself did not disappoint with the opacity of his rejoinders. Gibbons himself denied the oh so alleged allegations with these immortal words:

“It just looks like this is another flagrant attempt to utilize the legal system for purposes that it shouldn’t be legalized or used for.”

Yes, we wouldn’t want to legalize the legal system, would we? But, let him continue:

“There’s really no basis, from what I understand, for this lawsuit,” he said. “I don’t know what she’s complaining about or why.” (RJ)

From what he “understands”? Wasn’t he there in the garage when the alleged assault took place? Does he think his actions there could indeed be “understood” to constitute assault and attempted rape? Doesn’t he believe in his own innocence? Is he expressing doubts?

Or does he simply never think before opening his mouth?

Oh, and what she’s complaining about is that she believes he said to her: “I’m not going to fuck you. I’m going to rape you” while throwing her around and pinning her against the wall. Is he thinking she was supposed to like that sort of thing?

Meanwhile, Mazzeo’s mouthpiece plans to depose still not-quite-Gibbers-ex Dawn as part of the suit, and thinks he can pull seven figures out of the hides of the oh so alleged co-conspirators. (AP)

I wonder if he’ll take some Elko cattle country as part of the settlement. I hear it’s got forty or fifty thousand head on it. Allegedly.

Ooo. A weblink to click on: Be warned, the site is horribly designed.

Lookee! The old Gibbers alma mater is thrilled with his latest success.

Another lookee: Sin Ciy Siren on Mazzeo.

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2 comments to Day Two: The Co-Conspirators Weigh In

  • Let Jim Be!

    Depositions. Under Oath. Those could be most interesting.
    Meeting with wine at McCormack and Schmidt’s for defense witnesses to go over their collective testimony? Interesting, too.

  • Anonymous

    Please look into that alma mater statement about the guber’s having attended Southern Cal to any lengthy degree of educational enhancement.
    What did he do there?
    Real alums might not be happy to hear this.. e