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“Nixonian Numbers”

New poll numbers show over sixty percent of Nevadans still think Nevada Governor and Nixon-wannabe Jim Gibbons is America's Worst Governor. (RGJ)

Course, Ray Hagar's editor over at the RGJ took the optimistic approach by titling the article "Gibbons' approval climbs in survey," which is true. Gibbers was just barely able to climb out of the 20-percenter territory he's been spending most of 2008 in.

Although Gibbons' supporters could barely keep their knickers dry in their excitement at the news that only 60% of the state hates their guy, the fellow who actually ran the poll was a bit more sober:

"These are Nixonian numbers during Watergate," said Research 2000
pollster Del Ali, referring to the Watergate scandal that eventually
led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.

(Gibbons') approval rating is as low as President Bush, and Bush may be
the most unpopular U.S. President of our lifetime, next to Nixon," Ali
said. "So Gibbons is down with that crowd now."


"The fact that less than half of his party approves of him, that's not good," Ali said. "This is hard to sugarcoat."

But, who are you going to believe: a pollster or the Gube's ham-handed handlers?

Mr. Gibbons, on the other hand, who, remember. doesn't govern based on polls, could barely contain his excitement that 52% of his Republican base wish he would just go away:

"We're working on that (approval rating) now, and you can see that by
the change," Gibbons said. "I think the public is appreciative of the
way we have been running government, managing government the way we do
our personal families or small businesses."

Um. So, you mean the Governor who has told us again and again that he doesn't "govern by polls" has been "working on" the old approval rating?

And he admits that he was hitting the tee-vee talk show circuit and breaking his divorce agreement in a desperate attempt to save his political rear end?

And how many of you run your families by telling your kids that, "well, you can't go to school or eat because money's a little tight this month and mommy and daddy have to help subsidize Mr. Adelson's purchase of a casino in China and Mr. Gibbons' retirement home in Elko"?

We at the Monger household certainly do. When kids eat they grow out of their old clothes, which cuts into the family gambling and jewelery-buyin' budget.

Schoolin' just fills their heads with all sorts of ridiculous notions, too, like facts about minimal nutritional requirements for children.


  • Gibbons is the punchline to the joke otherwise known as the Nevada delegations–that's plural–to the GOP convention. (WSJ)
  • Higher ed regents, like the rest of us, try to pretend the Governor doesn't exist and will just go away. (RJ)
  • Part of the Gibbons' plan to improve his approval rating seems to be a declaration of war on California. (LVN) I thought he'd go after Utah, myself.
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2 comments to “Nixonian Numbers”

  • nVMojo

    Wow. there are some real morAns out there who still think that idiot in our State Capitol is grand? Feh!

  • dave404

    According to the LVN article, Dean Heller didn’t tell the group assembled that CHINA is drilling right off the coast of CUBA! Although, that is what he said on the Floor of Congress on July 22, 2008!
    Heller says the US uses 20 million barrels of oil a day now and will use 30 million barrels of oil a day in the future. He wants US to be energy independent and give no $ going to crazy people that hate us. Sounds fair enough to me-he’s a republican in congress, he must be right.
    Really? Where does he think the big pool of oil is that will provide the US with 30 million barrels of domestic oil a day? If Heller is right about quantity consumed and the federal government and oil egg heads are right about quantity in existence, then if we put all that oil in a big, big barrel today, we would use half of it in 4.5 years. All the oil would be gone before the next DECADE is over.
    Dear Dean,
    Great idea on not using any sense and believing all the oil can come out of the ground tomorrow and not starting in 2030 like the egg heads in the energy industry tell us! But, tell me, what will you do for me in 2017 when all known 100 billion barrels of oil are gone? How will we fly goods across the world (I love my strawberries from Argentina in January!), and how will we ship all our coal across from Wyoming to our coalfired plants in Elko and Ely without diesel fuel to run the locomotive? Gee, what about all those tourists, the ones with gasoline operated vehicles coming to Reno, Tahoe and The Strip? How will we get them here?
    I know you think Al Gore is nuts trying to urge America to try and resolve a lot of our energy issues in only ten years (yes, he is a dumb ass!), but, under your plan, we’ll be out of oil in nine years….
    So, Dean, then what?