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Oh, Yeah, THAT Josh Hicks

Playing on that desperate resurrection theme being so desperately propounded by the shrinking few willing to defend the Governor during the last dark days of his failed tenure in Nevada highest constitutional office, the Sun introduces us to the next victim of Gibbons’ chaotic downward spiral: Josh Hicks. (Sun)

But, wait there’s something familiar about that name…

Oh, yeah. Back in February of 2007, the new guy’s uncle, who is a federal judge, was trying a case…something about a defense contractor suing a former partner/employee over some software he thought belonged to him but the partner didn’t. This same contractor may have been paying off a Nevada congressfeller to help win contracts from the “black” federal budget which appropriates money to secret projects with only the oversight of congressfolk on the Intelligence committees in the House and Senate.

The Nevada congressfeller was inexplicably serving on the House Intelligence committee through no discernible ability or merit of his own and may have helped the defense contractor win budget allocations he would not have otherwise earned. (WSJ)

Oh, was I being unclear? The trial was the ongoing civil trial between Warren Trepp and Dennis Montgomery, which may have been the proximate cause of the ongoing FBI bribery investigation of one Jim Gibbons.

Anyways, Josh’s uncle the judge suddenly and mysteriously recused himself from the Trepp trial just shortly after Jim Gibbons–that’s be the guy being investigated by the FBI–hired his nephew as a general counsel from the then new but soon to be doomed Gibbons’ governorship.

Mr. Montgomery wondered if the hiring of young Mr. Josh was not in fact designed to derail the Trepp v. Montgomery v. Trepp trial so that embarassing details, such as the wearing of Napkinhats on a Trepp sponsored cruise, would not see the light of day. (Sun)

Oh, well, if that was the plan, it didn’t work out so well.

So, yeah, he really is THAT Josh Hicks.

And don’t you just hate those doubting Thomases who throw cold water on that resurrection spin coming out of the shattered Governor’s noise machine? (RJ) You’d think the Gube could slap on some of that old lady-killer charm of his to schmooze a female reporter and get her on his side, wouldn’t ya?

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2 comments to Oh, Yeah, THAT Josh Hicks

    The goober.. and most of the rest of the critters masquerading as gooberment bureaucrats in Nevada.. are living proof that Nevada’s video game voting machine system is corrupt to and from the core.
    Nevada would be much better off if gvmt bureaucrats were chosen from random.
    Some would be good, some would be bad, some pretty, some ugly.. heck, maybe even a lawyer or 2.
    Does anybody ever wonder about Scientology’s role in this ubiquitous mendacity? Could they be calling the shots from the smoky bars and high rise gooberment buildings?

  • darkhorse

    Has anyone seen that 21 point plan to help Nevada?