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Conservative Lobbyist Taketh Our Lord God's Name in Vain

Saint Muth The Blasphemer

Confusing himself with St. John the Baptist, a local conservative lobbyist has single-handedly proclaimed the resurrection of Gibbons the Gube while inviting blasphemous comparisons between the governor and our One True Lord, Jesus Christ.

Desperate for attention, said lobbyist plays the “well, might as well say the craziest thing I can think of just to see if it gets some attention because some dumbass liberal blogger without a life will pick up on it and then maybe I can get some face time on Ralston’s Pate to Pate or failing that at least on Sam Shad or failing that on at least on Bill Manders because damn if Mark Amodei isn’t paying as much these days as he used to despite having that new mining gig” card.

Citing the partial return of St. Uithoven to the Gibbons’ fold now that Dawn, who originally gave Sir Bob the boot, has been beaten back into a more submissive position in order to retain her prized position as first wife, said lobbyist apparently is betting that the enlightened Nevada electorate consists of a bunch of idiots who will quickly forget the pictures with the ex-playmate, or the text messages with the divorcee or the pathetic mishandling of the special session called to cover up the text messages or the nasty dust up with the leader of the state senate over who can kiss gambling boss butt best or the miserable unilateral mishandling of the budget crisis or the loss of support from his own party or the fact that the Republican presidential candidate thinks he’s a joke or the fact that even the Reid political machine is contemplating taking the wounded one term wonder out.

Oh crap.

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2 comments to Conservative Lobbyist Taketh Our Lord God’s Name in Vain

  • Hellon Wheels

    Muth sucking up in hopes of having access, that no press person in the state has, in order to further is channel thirteen ‘reporter/commentator/repoublican cheerleader’ job?
    Does channel thirteen know that muth uses his blof site to make fun of congress naming federal buildings after soldier killed in action in the war on terrorism?
    Does channel thirteen know that muth runs a senior center as a charity?
    Does channel 13 know that muth is a republican mouthpiece?
    Hiring MUTH, a person with a history of MAKING FUN OF DEAD SOLDIERS, demonstrates a terrible sense of community and patriotism during our timeof war.
    Good-bye channel 13.

  • Wheatpaste Patrol

    I wondered what ever happened to the glue-eaters I had to sit next to in elementary school. Now I know. They became conservative lobbyists vying for time on Pate to Pate.