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Your Tax Dollars At...Play

Jim Gibbons gets some phoneYup, aren’t you glad your tax dollars are going to pay for the latest technology to keep your governor in constant communication…with his paramour?

The budget crunch will require Nevada kids to go without all day kindergarten, and universities to go without, um, universities, but don’t you dare touch the governor’s phone money cuz he’s got to stay in touch with his honey. And I don’t mean wifey. (RGJ)

So, the governor shoots off several hundred text messages to Kathy Karrasch and they are “unavailable.” That means the governor can simply delete government documents off of his state of Nevada phone?

Better keep him away from the office shredder. Sounds like unlawful destruction of government property to me. Ain’t that a felony?

[UPDATE: looks more and more like the Gube wantonly destroyed the evidence. No record of the emails exists, claims ATT, on its servers, and the Governor–or some hapless member of the state’s IT staff–quickly erased them off his phone. (INP,LVG).

Next question for the Gube team: you guys running Gwava’s Retain on your servers??

JIm GIbbons gives Kathy Karrach the Eye

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2 comments to Your Tax Dollars At…Play

  • Anonymous

    There is not enough money in the gvmt coffers to properly pay you for your Patriotic work. Surely the reward will be when

    Duke the dukester Cunningham (click)

    gets this critter as a room mate.
    “On March 3, 2006, U.S. District Judge Larry A. Burns sentenced Cunningham to 100 months in prison.”

  • Wolverine

    Kwame Gibbons…..meh
    And the degentrification of Gibbons continues….