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Gibbons’ Country: Uncle Willy’s Busy Day

So, let’s see what happened at the special session.

  • It started out with a bunch of pictures of the Governor groping a former Playmate at a rodeo. We finally learn why the magic has gone out of the GIbbons’ marriage. Sez the Gube: “(there’s something that) takes the romance out of a friendship it’s being there when her child is born. I held her hand when her child was born.” (Sun) Note to Gibbons’ next wife: don’t invite hubby into the birthin’ room.
  • Gibbons tries to be cute and blame the Legislature for the financial mess which he so eagerly signed up for back in the 2007 regular session during the worst speech ever. This antagonizes pretty much the only ally Gibbons has left, Bill Raggio (Sun) The Democratic rebuttal to the worst speech ever provides Barbara Buckley a chance to imbed in her foot in the Gube’s nether regions before a statewide audience. Too bad that statewide audience probably consisted of about 13 people.
  • The Legislature proceeds to pass the compromise cuts and budget shuffling worked out by party leaders while ignoring Gibbons’ proposals, mainly because he kept them secret until the very last minute. Or, maybe he and Siggy werre still typing them up at the very last minute. either way, Gibbons proved, as always, to be irrelevant to the workings of Nevada government.
  • Oh, there’s a little dust-up between and Raggio and the new Senate minority leader Steven Horsford about textbooks and tinkering with the pointless NSAGE commission to make it even more pointless, but Raggio spanks the new kid and sends him to bed without supper. Still, Raggio getting miffed about stuff seemed to be the main theme of the session. Could be that term-limit challenge and  that primary race are beginning to wear the guy down. Or maybe having to share his office with gambling house lobbyists put him off, too. (RJ)
  • Looks like the Guber’s efforts to cover up the text messagin’ and rodeo gropin’ aren’t really working out. (Sun)

Gibbons Country: Uncle Willy's Busy Day


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