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Gibbons’ Country: The Text Messaging Special Session

So, nobody wants the special session on Monday except Brian Krolicki so he can dance around with the world’s dumbest proposal for selling tabbaccy money. (RJ)

You think Minime‘s running for Dr. Evil Gube already?

This would be the special session which the treasurer of the state of Nevada says we don’t need. (RGJ)

No, wait… This just in. The Governor doesn’t want a special session on Monday either because it was a really dumb idea to rush into a session without the Star Chamber’s mysterious budget numbers or any idea what the heck the session is for or what it’s going to do. (RJ) So, we’ll rush into the session four days later.

Wait… This just in. The Star Chamber says we’re screwed. (NA) So do the school marms and the eggheads over at the community college and the doctors, etc, etc. (RJ,RJ,Sun)

And lookee! The Governor gets mentioned in an article on text messaging addiction. (NYDT) Hey, they basically say the Gube’s nuts:

…text messaging and Internet addiction are both well on their way to being included in the next official listing of psychiatric disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.

I wonder what the cure is for Gube addiction? Oh, yeah. Elections. Maybe impeachment.

Gibbons Country: The Text Message Special Session

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4 comments to Gibbons’ Country: The Text Messaging Special Session

  • Nevada Goober: “Jump”!
    Nevada Legislator Pipsqueaks: “How High”?
    Just about all of those critters added together don’t have the savior faire, sophistication, class, and charm of one

    Sam Dehne (click)


  • PS
    Shouldn’t the rest of the story tell folks that the goober did not have text with that woman.. and even if he did have text with her, it was safe text because he used a pop up blocker?
    Besides, wasn’t it merely recreational text.. at least the times when he wasn’t at his job?
    Maybe in the future when he gets the urge, the goober won’t text the woman.. he will text himself?
    Of course, this is mainly “contexture”.

    Where’s the FBI (click)?

  • Anonymous

    So, Krolicki is in China on state business? A Trade mission?
    Sure it’s not about China Medical Technologies Inc or
    China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. or China Life Insurance, Inc?
    Maybe the trip is about steel?

  • HOT OFF THE PRESS (6/22/08 1600 hrs):

    E(BURP)Treppid-Gate (click)

    Try to overlook the big house
    the lady owns. Maybe a decimal
    point was misplaced in the
    quoted value.