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Gibbons’ Country: Sordid Daytime Soap Edition

  • It’s the battle of the Rich Tahoe Gibbons’ cronies! Who’s lying? The alleged teeny-bopper fancier or the failed political bossman? (RJ)
  • Pity the poor Review Journal, it doesn’t know which one to discredit, tho it seems to be going after Mason. (RJ)
  • Pity the poor Gib-spokester who claims the GIbbers’ administration would not support a crappy appointee despite many precedents for the opposite, like Larry Martines and Phil Galeoto.
  • The RJ abandons it’s support for open government and won’t sue to look at the Gibbons’ divorce papers because, well, mumble, mumble, mumble…news is news…and have I reached my word count yet so I can go back to my nap? … (RJ)
  • Wasn’t me! I wouldn’t spend $500 on Not when is available cheap, as is Loyal readers know who Beers’ friend is, too. And everybody raise your hand if you thought Beers was really going to “play nice” this campaign.
  • Cretins note that divorce could hurt cretin, AP notes, especially if you throw in the mismanagement of the budget crisis, the mismanagement of the health care crisis, and the mismanagement of the mismanagement.
  • Looks like Dawn’s old boss got a shiny new government contract. He might have a position for her. I wonder if we’ll be hearing anything about Dean Heller going on a nice trip to Turkey in a couple of years?

Gibbons' Country: The Price of Budget Cuts

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10 comments to Gibbons’ Country: Sordid Daytime Soap Edition


    There’s no such name as Politek in the SOS CCEs nor does Dawn T. Gibbons declare this $35,000. Search for yourself.


    Btw, there is a bigger whore than James A. Gibbons on the Sierra Nevada et. al whore list.
    His name is Harry Reid who has received $37,557 to Gibbons mere $20,100.

  • Raoul

    If I recall, Politek was a business owned by Dawn and not an advocacy group. It dissolved August 1, 2005. (Though I thought I reasd she sold it to Elizabeth Marler, 6140 Plumas St., Reno, NV). See SOS corporate filings.
    When I looked last year I saw NO connection to the reported $35k campaign contribution and anything reported by Gibbons on his FEC reports. NONE! Nothing for Trepp or his businesses.

  • J.Halling

    Wow…maybe we could have mrsrs.James and Gibbons go out on the town for a nite of debauchery together,no..??First,a dalliance or two at,say,Ruths-Chris steak house,then a quick swing by Chuck-E-Cheese to fondle the younger ones ,perhaps followed by a lengthy stay with meals at the gray bar hotel and grille..?

  • lets sniff

    Back to gibbons legal defense fund…Land Specialist Group gave $10,000 (mayor mortsanson’s buddy, shawn lampman’s has given before under CAK Ltd), is in court in arizona, appealing a case it seems he lost against Grubb & Ellis Commercial;

  • sniffin

    Shawn Lampman, defendant in Civil Rights Case. Prusha et al v. Bell et al: case number 2:2007cv01182;
    Filed JUne 14, 2007.
    Gibbons taking a lot of money from a guy that is a defendant in several cases.

  • s

    Shawn Lampman 4,000,000 [shares] 16.20% [percent ownership]
    2345 Calico Creek
    Las Vegas, NV 89135 [address]

  • sniffing

    NDOT Commissioner Paul Moribito was a member of Consolidated Wester[n] Corporation which donated $10k to legal defense fund 12/17/2001.
    Here is a nice story on his selling Berry Hincley fuel (Arthur Hinckley anothe member of Consolidated which defaulted 4/2008);
    pay attentionb to the 30 Jiffy Lubes paragraph….seems there is a contract dispute; tibaromversusjiffylube
    Why do these donors seem to find themselves in court?

  • snif

    Here is a list of federal campaign contributions by Paul Morabito (our guy on the NDOT Board), a humble general manager for a jiffy lube!

  • s

    Odd, no Big Wheel Nevada on SOS website despite what Maribito put down on FEC docs.
    However, there is and are;
    Big Wheel Gaming
    Big Wheel Hospitality
    Big Wheel Lodging
    ” Properties
    ” Ranch……..