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Didn’t Notice He Was Missing, Did Ya?

  • Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevaahda was over in Texas for the Republican Gubathon the past few days. Which means Vice Gube Krolicki was in the driver’s seat. Hope the Gov has Treasurer Kate Marshall look over his office real good on his return. You know, just to see if anything is missing, or if she can find a couple of million under the sofa cushions. Wow–a whole lot of oil people got to talk to the Republican Gubes, too!
  • Gube refuses Vice Presidency, although nobody was really offering it. (CFG)
  • Hunter factions are fighting each other over who should be on the state wildlife commission. (FoxReno) One charming group vying for influence on the commission described efforts to protect wildlife as money spent on "tweety birds" and "guppies." No doubt the Governor will be sympathetic to such seductive rhetoric.
  • The hunters should call up the folks over at the Orleans casino. A few phone calls to the Governor’s chief of staff scared off state inspectors. (Sun) Once again, Gibbon’s Country is eerily prophetic.
  • Oooo. Reid and Gibbons are holding secret sessions on Walker River. (RGJ,RGJ) No, I don’t really know why I wrote "Oooo."
  • UNLV egghead notes Gibbons still can’t make the turn on the learning curve. (PolNJ)
  • Willie Nelson urges folks to pointlessly call the Governor to save wild horses. (AP)
  • "On at least two occasions, Gibbons has outright denied to reporters that his [gun] permit had come under any scrutiny." (INP)
  • State controller thinks Governor should follow the law before cutting stuff. (Sun)
  • Pahrump Valley Winery! Please DON’T DO IT! The winery, which is about to produce its first bottles, plans to send one to the Governor. (PVT) Surely the Department of Public Safety should send out notice to all the waitresses in the capital the day the cork is popped.
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