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Gibbons’ Country Gets a Shot in the Arm

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Our story so far: Nevada’s butt, which fell off when threatened by surgery under the good doctor Slick Willy, exploded last week during the Democratic Convention…

Gibbons' Country Gets a Shot in the Arm

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3 comments to Gibbons’ Country Gets a Shot in the Arm

  • Desert Beacon


  • “Was Nevada Spitzered?”
    How do folks compare having sex with a consulting adult in New York (not that paying for it should be condoned where it’s against the Law).. to


    Could it be the gube has more political juice than other gvmt critters? Having served on an intel committee, could he have knowledge that serves as leverage to prevent anything serious happening to him? Could he have dirt on big shot potentates?

  • NVMojo

    LOL! Boy, I needed that!