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How Billy And the Boys Played Us


Billy “Vaseline” Vassiliades and his pals in the coal lobby played a fast one on us during that debate thingy during that caucus thingy awhile back.  Grown-up bloggers are suggesting that one of the reasons CNN didn’t bother asking any questions about global warming was because Billy’s client, Americans for Balanced Energy Choices As Long as It Benefits Corporate Coal and Rail Road Interests More Than Anyone Else (ABECalbccrrimtae), was sponsoring the event (DeSmogBlog,TP)

Meanwhile up in Gibbons’ Country, where folks are debating new coal power plants, A Governor appointed committee on “alternative” energy comes up with a plan for transmission lines that looks suspiciously like the one proposed a year ago to transmit power from the proposed coal plants down to southern Nevada. (Sun) You don’t think the Gube wants to fund transmission lines for coal-power plants under the guise of “green” and “alternative” energy, do ya?

And maybe our Governor will volunteer to hunt up some of those big horn sheep and desert tortoises that might get in the way of construction. Here’s how to do it:

The aboriginal peoples who lived in the western deserts were well acquainted with the tortoise. Although not all groups would eat tortoise meat, it was generally prized for its food value. Some hunters lured tortoises onto the surface of the ground by placing a dish of water at the opening of a burrow. Tortoises were then roasted in cooking pits lined with hot rocks. (NPS)

Mmm. Add a few drinks and a drunk waitress and you’ve got a par-tay, Gibbons’ style!

Also in the news: an article on hydrogen fuel–which, unlike electricity, will require starting from scratch to build a delivery system, making us all wonder, what ever happened to the electric car??–affords an opportunity to remind ourselves how the Governor is completely out of step with every other state:

The “hydrogen highway” concept is
part of the much larger Western Climate Initiative championed by
several Western governors and the premiers of two Canadian provinces.

It sets goals for emissions reductions for participating states.

So far, Nevada has not signed the accord, although the state is
participating as an observer, said Melissa Subbotin, a spokeswoman for
Gov. Jim Gibbons. (RJ)

Oh, I see, the voyeuristic Governor likes to watch.

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