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Life in the Fish Bowl

The GibfishDuring that hagiographic year-end recap of the Gube’s atrocities over in the southern Nevada kittylitterbox-liner of record, Nevada State Governor and Flip-Flopper in Chief Jim Gibbons complained about the onus of his minuscule celebrity:

‘Gibbons said he enjoys most aspects of his 14- to 16-hour days as governor, but there is one element he does not like: life in a “fishbowl,” where every move and decision, public or private, is questioned and commented on by anyone with an opinion and access to the Internet.’ (RJ)

14 to 16 hours? Does that include those trips to Hawaii and Mexico?

Did you see what the Gube dislikes? Having his decisions questioned. Boy, that’d get my goat, too! Having all those unwashed Nevada citizens looking over your shoulder wondering what the Hell their elected officials were doing with their tax money. Dammit! Can’t you people leave your poor picked on Governor alone?

Course, I suppose if he didn’t want so much attention, he could stop issuing hourly press releases begging the press to crawl out to yet another mindless, staged media event. Or stop stuffing the taxpayer-funded state web-server with all those publicity shots of him and the first co-conspirator decorating the manse or attending a breast-feeding conference. Oh, look! A staffer has even taken state time to make some lovely calendars! (scroll to bottom)

Or, hey, if the Gube could get those budget numbers right the first time, he wouldn’t have to show up every week in the papes looking like he can’t do simple addition. With a spreadsheet. Managed by a staffer.

Unfortunately, the Governor and his taxpayer funded lawyers have been able to shut those pesky citizens out of the budget process now that a Carson City judge has taken the Gube’s arguments hook, line, and sinker, and decided not to let the public have a peek at how truly insane the process is for dealing with the budget crisis. (RGJ) Yup. Clouded up that fish bowl with piscine excrement, he did.

And somebody please keep the first co-conspirator away from the State credit cards! (Sun) She’ll be wanting some expensive meth-sniffing, overpriced gizmo next.

Who knew dealing with the school budget could be so kinky? All that belt-tightening and bludgeoning! (RJ) Reminds one a bit of that outing with Mazzeo, doesn’t it? Is there some kind of economic term for this approach to a state budget? The “Date Rape Model”, perhaps?

Lookee! As long as nobody else moves to Nevada, Mike Willden’s got Health and Human Services covered despite the cuts. (RJ) Mike won’t mind it, then, when the Gube shows up next week asking for 20%.

Hey Kids! Is there any bigger suckup on the board of regents than Ron Knecht? (NA)

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4 comments to Life in the Fish Bowl


    Can someone remind Gibbons of his education first initiative. Gibbons, cut the admin bs and leave the schools alone. Three years and 11 days left.

  • NVMojo

    yep, he’s one helluva a liar …
    great photo, btw!

  • Desert Beacon

    Could one of the Gov’s problems be that having no priorities in the first place, and demonstrating a singular incapacity to actually administer anything, renders him equally inept at budget cuts — since that requires familiarity with the programs and a sense of how programs can prioritized to do the greatest good for the greatest number?

  • NVStateEmployee

    Has anyone looked at a story that would estimate the amount of waste over the last couple of months generated from putting together potential budget cuts? Had the cabinet carefully considered and waited for the proper information to become available through discussion and updated projections, it is possible that only one cut target may have been established. Each budget account has at least one representative (probably a $100/hour employee when you consider benefits) working on each of the iterations. On top of that you have the fiscal organizations of each department pulling it all together, the countless meetings that need to occur on the subject, the department Directors, and what I would guess is 80-90% of the entire Budget Division. I’d be willing to bet that with a little analysis you would find that there have been millions that have been wasted on flip-flopping on this issue alone, many millions.