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No More Cone of Silence for Intelligence Earmarks

Cone of SilencePoor Jim Gibbons wouldn’t know what to do if he were still in the House of Representatives.

You see, those little secret earmarks that got Gibbers and eTreppid in the Wall Street Journal last year, and which are the subject of that on-going FBI bribery investigation, are, according to the Hill, no more.

Congress now makes those earmarks publicly available, and you can see who is using your money to buy the latest Maxwell Smart shoe phone at CREW and the Hill.

Yup, Jim would have to gift his campaign finance buddies out the open like the surprisingly still un-indicted Jerry Lewis, who secured over $7 million in intel cash for companies and Universities in his district. And that wouldn’t be any fun. What’s the point of being on the Intelligence Committee if you can’t hand out money to your buds under the Cone of Silence–and behind the backs of your constituents?

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