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FEC Drops Titus Complaint Against Gibbons

The Sun tells us that the Federal Elections Commission has dropped a complaint against Gibbons for some alleged campaign finance shenanigans but–get this–is still requiring that his PAC pay $2,000 back.

Not guilty, but pay it back?

The TItus campaign caught Gibbons with his PAC showing when he accepted $11,000 in campaign contributions over legal limits back in September, 2006. Gibbons had to return the money.

The best part was how Gibbons tried to defend the error back then: He thought the money was bundled.

And the Sun story even recounts the time back when Gibbons first ran for Governor against Miller and had to return $120,000. Say, maybe he should wash those sticky fingers.

[UPDATE: the RJ's rewrite of the AP story puts a little different spin on the story when it says the FEC "admonished" for accepting $2,000 from Cal-Neva resorts. Gibbons was accused of accepting contributions from corporations, which became illegal after 2002 when the Campaign Reform Act of that year went into effect.

Maybe Gibbons figured that since he voted against the Act, he shouldn't have to obey it.

The FEC exercised some weird ass thing called "prosecutorial discretion" in deciding not to pursue four other complaints against Gibbons. Or maybe it was just POTUS's way of paying back a loyal yes-man.

The reason the fund were subject to federal rules was because Gibbons collected them for his congressional candidacy. He later dumped the funds into his state campaign because that, oddly, is legal.]

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