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Take the Bus

So, it looks like putative Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons plans to rub it in. He’s setting up a “victory” tour of the state to flout his incompetence before his cowering, brow-beaten, subjects. (MM)

Interesting that by “State” the Governor seems to mean “north and west of Clark County.” Guess he figures he’d better avoid the roads down here.

Gibbons hasn’t decided if he’ll gas up the Gib-bus with it’s out-dated “JAG2006″ plates. May I suggest a new set of plates using the slogan shown in the pic? By the way, that plate is still available over at the ever-friendly DMV.

We’re just wondering if Molly Ball has the journalistic cajones to re-enact Anjeanette Damon’s legendary tour on the Gib-bus. Double-dare ya, Molly.

Well, at least he’s promising to read his next budget before the next Legislature meets instead of waiting untill towards the end, like last time.

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