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Molly Makes the Bus

Taking the Gubbus to Hell!A little while back, I dared Molly Ball to ride the Gib-bus should it be pulled into service for the Gube’s Round up the Morons Up North Desperation Tour later this summer.

Turns out that Millionaire Molly’s already ridden that bus back during the 2006 Gube campaign.

In an email in which she pointed this out, she also volunteered the information that the staff calls the Gib-bus, the “Moho.”

No doubt there’s a very reasonable explanation as to the real meaning of that nickname. Seems to me, though, that it is a fitting name for a vehicle designed for mo’ political ho’ing.

Speaking of buses, I had the misfortune of riding the city bus a few times last week while the ‘Monger-mobile was in the shop. I can only say that is was slow, hot, and miserable, and that we provide such a travesty of public transportation for the hard-working folk of Las Vegas is a crime.

But wait, what’s this I see in an article about the recent battles in the Legislature over the non-funding of roads in southern Nevada?

Mass transit didn’t come up.


Hey Kids! Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten who Delta Man is??

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