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Will You Take Turkey With Your Ham?

So asks uber-attorney Abbe Lowell, sorta, as he reports on our globe trotting Gube’s defense contractor funded trip to Turkey. (Sun,Ralston,MM, AP).

No, wait. It wasn’t Lowell who talked about the new revelations of government contracts exchanged for world travel, but a spokesman for Lowell, one Alan Blum.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that your own lawyer himself isn’t out speaking for ya?

And is it a good thing or a bad thing for that high priced lawyer to misspell the client’s name? From MM: “The Gibbons (sic) paid for their flights to and from Turkey and for other expenses like accommodations,” Blum said in a statement. “Four couples went on the trip, including the Ozmens of Reno, Nevada, with the group joining together for some activities and not others. Expenses for group activities were generally shared.”

Are Mr. Blum and Mr. Lowell under the mistaken impression that they represent the Gibbon family? One can only wonder if they are mistaken as well about who paid for the flights and “other expenses.” And if “paid for” means 10% of the ticket price, which is about what the GibbonsES paid for that Trepp cruise, then it just goes to show you: rich folk and their political puppets–and their lawyers–have a funny notion of “paid for.”

And on the theory that no publicity is bad publicity, Lowell’s firm is listing almost all of the media coverage of the Sierra-Nevadagate:

“Nevada Governor Retains Top Lawyer”

Wall Street Journal

March 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 2007
Coverage of the case of Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons notes that Abbe Lowell has
been hired to represent him. Coverage included Nevada Today (profile of Abbe
titled “Who is Abbe Lowell?”), WSJ, AP, Reno Gazette-Journal, Las Vegas Sun,
News 4 Reno, KTVN, KRNV, Talking Points Memo, Bloomberg News

I filled in a few links. And they spelled the Gube’s name correctly! But, where, oh where, is

And kudos to Millionaire Molly for not using the State of the State smirking Gibbons pic again. She’s using the smirking Gibbons pic from, I believe, his inaugural ball, although she could have used the new Gibbons’ smirk from the Gube black-tie ballroom dance thing. But, then again, there are so many to choose from.

Hey, wait a minute. Where’s my invitation to the black tie thingy? I’ve searched everywhere!

Couldn’t find a black tie, either.

Hey Kids? Do you like Turkey with your Spam Spam Spam Spam Spammity Spam?

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4 comments to Will You Take Turkey With Your Ham?

  • Just when folks thought it wouldn’t/
    couldn’t get worse…there’s even more Gibbonss-Gates.
    Now rumor has it that Gibbons’ bunker mentality has
    him yearning to move the capital to Elko.
    The lastest scandal should sound “sweet” to that other “war hero”, Duke Cunningham… who’s been looking for a roommate.
    Ciizens are asking if it isn’t about time to take away his Passport? And fit him for one of those ankle bracelets?

  • So just how far will a second mortgage go on paying the Abbe legal tabby? Not far but news in the mansion seems to get worse every day. Wonder if the gubber’s mansion gets all those credit card offers in the mail and how fast they’re being filled out and overnighted back….. $200k barely got him out of the Chrissy mess so they better lather up for a deep financial cleansing. But please, monger, DON’T show a picture of dagrabber in nothing but his underwear when it does happen. One hurl a day is enough.
    FYI, the RGJ reports in ’03 “Gibbons’ largest assets are two vacant parcels of land in northern Washoe County and a lot on Wedekind Road worth between $250,000 and $500,000. He also is part owner of the Heart of Reno Wedding Chapel. His share is valued at between $100,000 and $250,000.” Anybody want to buy a part interest in a wedding chapel on the cheap?
    Abramoff had scads of cash and still went to jail. Not sure if Abbe is interested in some Nevada dirt or not but I doubt being in the LV wedding business is one of his career goals. I suspect by now his billing services are displaying the dreaded “Prepaid in Advance Only” red stamp explaining the second mortgage.
    Dawn may have to go to work again to support her hubby’s bad judgement. And maybe her own, to boot. I doubt there’s a wantad listing for UNREGISTERED LOBBYIST WANTED so what’s a girl to do in Nevada when she needs to raise quick cash….

  • Gibbonsss-Gates coverage?
    Where, oh where, is:
    This website links to all the others… plus
    some more… WITH PICTURES.

  • What?!

    Where do you find Heart of Reno ownership in Gibbons name?
    Dawn reported on her 2004 State financial disclosure form the sale of stock in Dewnig Syndicate, Inc. in 2004 (which company owns the name “Heart of Reno”). Jim on the other hand on his 2005 federal disclosure form (which covers calender year 2004), does not mention Dewnig Syndicate, Inc. Though in previous years put the value of the stock at between $100,001-250,000 and reported capital gains and dividends, but $0 from the company.
    Also, Jim’s State financial disclosure dated May 22, 2006 listed his wife as President of Politek, Inc. I think I read somewhere today that the company dissolved in 2005 and that is what the record at SOS shows. I quess Jim didn’t know his wife’s company was no longer in existence.