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Gibbons' Secret Legal Defense Slush Fund

Jim Gibbons FrogmarchSo, we finally learn where Gibbons gets the money to defend himself. He has a secret little defense fund cynically created in the midnight hours of his failed career in Congress so that he could easily thwart House ethics rules. (DB, AP) You see, he knew that the House Ethics Committee doesn’t have jurisdiction once a member has vacated office. Not only that, but the Committee was basically in limbo for the last year or so as the GOP struggled to hide its dirty laundry. If the Gibster were still in Congress, there would probably be a three-ring circus right now over his shady Treppoid dealings.

However, Gibbons secret defense fund may run afoul of Nevada law which states that he can’t take contributions while the legislature is in session:

While Gibbons maintains the defense fund was set up properly, there might be some practical problems created by the state law limiting political contributions a month before, during and a month after legislative sessions.

The law, which applies to the governor, lieutenant governor and all members of the Legislature, prohibits soliciting or accepting contributions or commitments for contributions “for any political purpose.” It covers a period from early January to early July this year.

But wait, Gibbons’ crony shouts, it was for “personal” use. Well, let’s go review any legal proceedings in which an attorney paid for by the Gibbons’ fund ever argued that Gibbons should be let off the hook cuz he was in the midst of a political campaign. And then let’s decide if that’s a political use or not.

The Gibster claims he’ll be publishing the names of the contributors soon. I can save them some time: Sheldon Adelson’s on top. And isn’t publishing the list an admission that these are political contributions? Certainly they count as “gifts” and should have been in the yearly financial disclosure.

Let’s see: ethics complaint form here. Instructions here.

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