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The Investigation Was Hamstrung

admits crack Clark County D.A. David Roger as he gives up trying to prove a case of obstruction of justice against Sheldon Adelson Corporate Gubernatorial Appointee Jim Gibbons and Kingmaker Sig “don’t I look good in Abramoff’s hat” Rogich. (Sun, RJ)

“Roger said Thursday that the investigation was hamstrung by the fact that investigators had only lists of cell phone calls and no access to the actual conversations.

“`We looked at this case from a historical standpoint,’ Roger said. `We didn’t have access to court-authorized wire intercepts, which would have allowed us to listen in on conversations.’”

Uhh. And why didn’t he have that access? Mazzeo erased her cell-phone messages, but does that mean they really disappear from the phone company’s computers? But, what about Puhek’s phone? Or Sig’s? Doesn’t the D.A. check out the primary suspect’s–Sig’s–messages?? And for some reason, the D.A. didn’t check out possible text messaging between possible Sig water-carrier Pennie Puhek and Mazzeo (see p. 4 of this)?

Yep, justice was served up Vegas style today, over-spiced and swimming in thick, nasty juice. The biggest impediment to the investigation? The D.A. couldn’t get hold of recordings of the multitudes of cell-phone messages flitting between Rogich, the gals who shared Sig and Jim’s table at McCormick and Schmick’s, and then Sheriff Bill Young. So, after giving Rogich and the gals three months to get their stories straight–not an easy task it turns out–Roger drops the case. The Sun reports lots of witnesses seeing things inconsistent with the official Rogich version, and Sig himself can’t quite say which crony first told him about Jim’s Night Out, but Metro and the D.A. couldn’t muster up any CSI magic to bust the Gov.

Hmmm. Wonder how much of that public safety money Gibbons wants to ladle out is headed Metro’s way?

Lady Justice is feeling a bit like a $50 Vegas whore today. And Sig didn’t even leave a tip.

In North Town: I pull a Muth and Buck bundles up to face two opponents (so far).

[UPDATE: What happened to the pic? Got an email from Bill Gaspard, the Deputy Managing Editor of the Sun, who requested I remove the pic which was a doctored version of an original by Tiffany Brown. Now, I suspect my use met the standards of fair use as a parody and also given the small size of the "thumbnail." And I might be taking up the matter with the local ACLU. Until then, I'll take it down. Hope everybody, especially my fellow bloggers, enjoy the chilling effect. Hmm. And why was it a photo of Rogich called out the narcs??]

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