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Gibbons Trepp Probe Confirmed

NYT confirms that there is a “preliminary corruption inquiry” of Jim Gibbons and his murky connections with Warren Trepp, who allegedly traded gifts for Gibbons’ help with gaining classified defense contracts:

The Justice Department declined formal comment, but some officials who had been briefed on the investigation said that a preliminary corruption inquiry had been opened. They cautioned that no charges had been filed, and said that such investigations took time and often concluded without any prosecution. The federal investigation was first reported, on Thursday, by The Wall Street Journal.

Most disturbing aspect of the Times story? They reprint the smirking Gibbons pic.

AP says about the same:

A federal law enforcement official confirmed the FBI probe Thursday. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, said the inquiry is focusing on what role Gibbons played in awarding contracts to eTreppid Technologies LLC and whether he received any gifts in exchange.

Gibbons and Trepp’s mouthpiece Peck deny everything, natch. However, if I were the Gube, I’d get lawyered up, myself.

Uh, this seems strange, from WaPo:

The probe of Gibbons has also raised questions about the impending departure of U.S. Attorney Daniel G. Bogden of Nevada, whose office will oversee the investigation. Bogden is among seven U.S. attorneys who were abruptly fired by the Justice Department without explanation. His last day is Feb. 28.

Uh, Bogden’s running the investigation?? The same guy who ran Trepp’s “armed enforcers”?? Might as well hire ex-Clark County Sheriff Bill Young to help out, too.

But, as Wonkette notes, still no hookers.

The RJ reports that the F.B.I. in Washington are cringing at the thought of a visit from Gibbons, who’ll be back East for a Gubeathon at the National Governor’s Association Meeting. Also, Bogden and Gibbons are working to get their stories straight as to whether they know each other:

Gibbons said Thursday that he doesn’t know Bogden.

Bogden, who said he met Gibbons once, denied having anything to do with a raid on Montgomery’s home.

Uh, then who ordered that raid?

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9 comments to Gibbons Trepp Probe Confirmed

  • Good summation. You must have got up with the chickens to get this done so early. Made my day!~!

  • I,too, have to think about the fallout re Bogden and what he might tell the FBI. He can’t be real happy about being a pawn and then getting sacked in doing so. Sing, you rat, sing!~!

  • What?!

    Sun’s Cooligan had a nice piece, and so did RJ’s Vogel and another guy…but what about the tax question? Did he pay his taxes on the gift(s)?
    Who cares if he reported it to the House Committee, he’s not there anymore, but he is still a US citizen who has to report and pay taxes on gifts….
    He says he didn’t take money, but never disclaimed taking gifts…
    Will someone in the MSM please ask him to produce his 2005 tax return and see if he paid taxes on his Caribbean trip?

  • btw, I was looking through gibberdagrabber’s biggest contributors yesterday and came across the name of Joan and Steve Mack, $2000 apiece, 3/11/05. Doubt they will help out for the legal defense fund, though.

  • Ah, Steve Mack the Pawn King. He sells his software to eBay and MicroSoft apparently.

  • “Never mind” as the SNL Church Lady used to say. I was thinking of Darren Mack, also of a pawn fortune but somewhat less active in that business now.

  • “Never mind” as the SNL Church Lady used to say. I was thinking of Darren Mack, also of a pawn fortune but somewhat less active in that business now.

  • Sorry. Typepad is as dysfunctional as the gibber.

  • We will have to see if an actual investigation ever surfaces. New US Attorney? Sure the old one can “sing” all he wants, but, who is he supposed to talk to? It may be falling on deaf ears. This is not entirely new news — media worthy now ONLY because Montgomery brought the connection out in the open. He is standing up for himself, with very heavy opposition. 2 judges gone already…security contracts no one knows about, Gibbons heading Homeland…