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Plagiarizer to the End

Borrowed ideas, borrowed budget. That’s what we saw in the Gube’s SOTS.That empowerment stuff? It was a hot topic around Clark County not too long ago because it is the pet project of the new Superintendent Rulffes. In fact the increased funding was Rulffes idea anyway. It has nothing to do with vouchers as far as I can tell, as Dave Berns seemed to suggest on SON. (Just watched a Nevada Education Association spokesman (Terry Hickman) on Las Vegas One deny that Gibbons’ proposal had anything to do with Rulffes. Nobody seems to know what Gibbons’ proposal amounts to.) The health center thing was Chancellor Rogers’ thing, and Gibbons had to support that so that Rogers wouldn’t jump up in the middle of the speech, pound his rad and white plaid shirt and scream “idiot!”

Most of the budget was Guinn’s except Gibbons needed to pay off all those business and bank folk for their campaign contributions with a tax break at the expense of schools.

And the coal-slurry thing is a Gib=proposal from August of last year and is beloved by Big Coal. Coal slurries have been a real mess of Kingman, Arizona and Kentucky AND, as Damon notes, been a problem for Obama.

And a commentator has invented a new drinking game. Have to try next time. At McCormick and Schmick’s.

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1 comment to Plagiarizer to the End

  • WOW! Today the governator is going to be on the Sam, Living Proof You Can’t Make A Man Out of a Mouse, Shad show. BURP!
    For those handfull of idiots who watch that charade… it is pure orchestrated buffoonary… as they throw powder puff balls at each other… via the Q-Cards.
    It’s the same old regular “usual suspects” propped into place by the cheating voting system and the grand poobahs who sign their checks and pull their strings. BURP!
    Keep up the great work ScandalPerson.