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So It Begins

Creepy!Never in favor of pay as you go, almost-Governor Jim Gibbons has chosen to tap into the powers of magical thinking to fund state road projects. Gibbons has rejected recommendations from a state task force and still-Gube Kenny Guinn to pay for desperately needed road work with raises in gas taxes and driver’s license fees. (RJ)

Funny, I thought Gibbons liked task forces.

Instead, Gibbons will use the one-shot so-called “surplus”–if there is any left after the next legislature meets–and “creative thinking” to fund road work.

Now, that’s the scariest part. Expecting “creative thinking” from Gibbons, or a task force with Jim GibSON on it.

Oh, by the way, RJ, I believe the Ty Cobb (Sr) on the transportation committee is not the crazy Ty Cobb (Jr) from the Assembly, as your own paper recently noted. If Cobb Junior were on the committee, then we all might as well drink a fifth of scotch and go speeding down the 15, since we’re all going to die on that nasty piece of road anyway.

Oh, yeah, that’s Susan Martinovich, who is the new boss of NDOT. (RJ) Here’s some of the stuff she won’t have funding for under the new Gube:

Martinovich said she endorses NDOT’s existing road work plans, including the widening of Interstate 15 north and south of downtown Las Vegas; widening U.S. Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Henderson and in the far northwest Las Vegas Valley; a U.S. Highway 93 bypass around Boulder City; and building new Las Vegas Beltway interchanges at I-15,
U.S. 95 and Summerlin Parkway.

“The projects identified in Clark County, it’s pretty much every road leading in and out of Las Vegas,” she said.

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1 comment to So It Begins

  • Anonymous

    When you hear “public-private partnership” as a “creative solution” to a public need, you know you better watch your wallet cuz you’re gonna be paying some private company to provide basic public services that each and every citizen should have a right to — thats what we pay our taxes for: basic services like roads and schools.
    But thanks to “creative thinking,” we can now pay extra for textbooks and extra-curricular activities to private companies like Edison that have no accountability, and we can look forward to paying tolls for permission to drive on some road owned and operated by some private company that will, like the “public-private partnership” that is MonoRail, enjoy public, tax-payer funded subsidies to help offset all the losses incurred by high prices for useless service.
    Sure glad he’s saving us money.