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The Clark County D.A. remains true to his party and decides not to prosecute Governor elect Jim Gibbons for the alleged groping of Chrissy Mazzeo on Jim’s Night Out. (AP). However, the fellow in charge of Gibbons’ balls–inaugural, that is–Sig Rogich, may still end up doing time for obstruction of justice. D.A. Roger will be investigating allegations that “people associated with Gibbons tried to interfere with the investigation.”

Roger does not think that Mazzeo could prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Gibbons did any groping. However–and I’m hardly a lawyer here–one wonders if Mazzeo could still go after the Gibster in a civil case and sue the new gube–and perhaps even win.

Good timing on Roger’s part. Who’s paying attention at this time of year? Hope he at least gets an appointment to a Gib-task force for this.

So, the case will still continue to entertain. And we’re all still waiting to hear what happens next in all those Trepp-related lawsuits that still have to be resolved.

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3 comments to Roger Punts

  • Since the Washington Republicans and Western US Democrats have run up the deficit in Washington, I’ve had a difficult time letting my partisan sunglasses blind my common sense. You, on the other hand, appear to have mastered the craft. Could you post some lessons for us lesser humans?

  • Lesson #1: If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and smells like a duck… it is probably a tacky tawdry tarantula.
    Lesson #2: Read Lesson #1 again.
    Keep up the great sleuthing ScandalMan.

  • Since only 20% of sexual assault charges actually make it to trial, the Mazzeo case is pretty much par for the course. Not enough evidence to proceed is common enough since there are almost never any witnesses in such crimes. I am eager to see what the results of the obstruction investigation will turn up although I don’t have much confidence in anyone involved at this point–probably very few Nevadans do.