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32 Minute Gap

Jim Gibbons' Night OutThe specifics of Jim’s Night Out with Chrissy Mazzeo became shrouded in an even thicker fog as more details of the police and D.A. investigations were released yesterday. After D.A. Mr. Roger decided to dump a hot-political-potato and not pursue charges of Gross Stupidity During A Molestation against the Gube-elect, we learn that both parties in the, uh, dispute changed their stories during multiple questionings. (Sun, RJ)

Now, wait. Super-scientist, combat-pilot, and law school graduate Jim Gibbons couldn’t get his story straight?? Yes, I can see where goon-harassed, media-shy, and, perhaps, smacked-around Mazzeo might be a might confused about the details of that bizarre evening. But, battle-hardened Jim??

Turns out that there was a 32-minute gap in the Gibster’s original rehearsal of events. Between the time Gibbons claims to have left Mazzeo in some parking garage or another–nobody is quite sure which one anymore–and the time he opened his hotel room door, 32 minutes were swallowed up by the space-time continuum. Gibbons, the new leader of our state, answers in his second interview that, oh yeah, he was fumbling around looking for his hotel key during that time, which he somehow dropped while roaming around the perimeter of his hotel not, repeat, not groping young ladies. Yes, we’re still talking about the same super-scientist, combat-pilot, law-school graduate who’s just been elected Governor of Nevada.

And how, we read, can Gibbons’ chief campaign guru Sig Rogich still be on vacation through all this? Shouldn’t he be ordering cocktail weenies for the Gib-balls next week at the end of January? And I suppose I should be flattered that he felt the need to sick the B-man on my earlier post. The honor of the Nevada’s Republican Party is at stake, I suppose. Should’ve worried about that a bit more before the last primary, guys.

Hey Kids! Planning to run for political office some day? Don’t do this!

Other witnesses interviewed by police add more twists to the evening. George Garcia, a parking attendant, told detectives he saw Gibbons and a woman believed to be Mazzeo walking through the restaurant’s parking lot that evening, as Gibbons mentioned.

“According to Garcia,” [Metro Detective] Hnatuick wrote, “Gibbons had his arm around the female, and she was leaning into him. Startled by this, Garcia stopped and asked Gibbons if he needed a car retrieved,” the report said. “Gibbons, according to Garcia, shooed him away and, as Garcia continued on, he heard both Gibbons and the female laughing.” (Sun)

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