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Gibbons’ War on Women

The Gibbons’ campaign seems to consider women to be weak little frilly things who need protectin’ from the big bad world by Big Daddy Gibbons–with the occasional (alleged) smack on the mouth when they get out of line.

Consider the case of Jolene Morris who appears in the Titus ad criticizing Gibbons for ducking her husband’s funeral cuz Gibby was ducking criticism of the unpopular war in Iraq. The sleazy Gibbons campaign has again accused the Titus campaign of exploiting the widow, as if Morris, who has shown great courage in telling the truth about a powerful influential seemingly powerful and influential politician, were a frilly little thing needin’ protectin’ from by Big Daddy Gibbons.

And now the Gibbons’ ex-nanny is being “exploited” by the Titus campaign, although the Gibbons’ family seems to have gotten there first. And they so beloved their little Peruvian nanny that Dawn accused her of extortion.

So, who’s gonna protect us from Big Momma Gibbons?

And the Gibbons’ campaign was even able to enlist the Sheriff of Clark County in their War on Women. Old Bill Young managed to raise the ire of every woman’s advocacy group in Nevada, and everyone else as well, when he went on his attack-the-victim rampage. Young, like a freshman waking up from a bender, seemed a bit repentant today about turning his Sheriff’s Department into a Campaign Office. Just a bit. Both candidates for Sheriff should condemn Young’s handling of the affair and promise to de-politicize the police force.

And then there’s Jello Jim’s ever-shifting views on abortion. A helpful reader sent me this pdf of a page from the 1996 Reno Gazette Journal wherein Gibbons states:

I’m pro-choice. I don’t think government has a role in deciding that issue to begin with. It ought to be left to the family.

Now, however, Big Daddy Gibbons thinks that decision should only be left to the family IF the woman is raped, in “danger,” or involved in an incestuous relationship. Otherwise, well, you can’t leave such an important decision to those weak little frilly womenfolk. No, Big Daddy Government and Big Daddy Gibbons should be makin’ those decisions for ‘em.

So, who’s your daddy?

Hey Kids! Could you possibly find a more offensive description of Gib-gate than “grope-a-dope“?

[UPDATE: as Gleaner notes, Heidi Smith chair, uh, person of the Washoe GOP, has joined the War on Women by spewing up the conspiracy theory, uh, conspiracy theory, so beloved by our Sheriff down here in Clark.]

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2 comments to Gibbons’ War on Women

  • Annoyed

    You people continually are disgusting. You live as victims and act like men are always trying to commit a sexual crime. You are pathetic and repulsive. I have submitted entries on all news stations and online blogs to educate people about your manipulation and fear tatics. Please!!! We are going to rise up soon and people like you and Titus will soon reep what you so. You under-educated, self-righteous fools. You are hurting families and creating a group of people that are not going to tolerate the lies that are compromising their livelyhood. You will soon see

  • Wow. Thanks for leaving perhaps the creepiest comment ever. Oh. I get it. It’s Halloween.
    “You people”? Meaning women? Did you go to the Gibbons’ school for dating etiquette or something?