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He's No Scientist

Saturday’s LVSun solved the Mystery of the Missing Gibbons. Timothy Pratt found Congressman and Nevada Governor wannabe Jim Gibbons over at Toto’s trying to convince local Hispanics that he didn’t really mean to vote for the legislation that would make it a felony to be undocumented in the U.S. and would have required the imprisonment and deportation of millions of their relatives–all while bankrupting the economy all in one shot.

Why, pray tell, did the backbencher from Reno vote for the legislation??

Because the party leadership told him to.

Drat! Memo to the Congressman: stop trusting the House Republican Leadership. They just want to take everyone else down with ‘em when they crash and burn this year. Oh, and next time, read legislation before you vote on it, too.

So that’s why the Congressman been AWOL from work this week? Photo-ops in Vegas?

Wasn’t his son’s graduation in Reno? And wasn’t that graduation the official reason for the Congressman to be skipping important votes?

And what was that sponsor of the shindig at Toto’s up to anyway? Trying to get some juice for a Bolivian mine?

Juice? Gibbons??? What was he thinking??

Anyways, I was over at the bigcity blogger moonbatfest called yearlyKos and enjoyed the panel on the politicization of science. Lauce Rake of the Sun did a nice job of reporting on the panel in the Sun. The panel consisted of some guy named Wesley Clark, Myers of Pharyngula, Wendy Northcutt of Darwin Awards just for fun, and Chris Mooney, the author of the Republican War on Science.

Mooney, who outed Gibbons’ participation in the discredited Gibbons-Pombo report on mercury emissions generated by the House Resources committee, is no stranger to the pages of Nevada newspapers. His work was mentioned in a piece by Molly Ball which later caused the Congressman to, well, erupt into another incomprehensible Gib-rant on Reno’s Nevada Newsmakers.

A persistent question for Mooney is what do we do to stop politicians like Gibbons from distorting science for the sake of short-sighted political ends. Mooney suggested (and I’m paraphrasing here relying on a weak memory) is that we have to start holding politicians responsible for such distortion. Mooney also suggested that Nevada has become a test case for the war on such distortion because we have the historic opportunity to hold one of the worst abusers of science accountable this fall.

That’s right. Voting Gibbons out of office is your chance to support Science and Rationality. Your chance to push back the forces of Ignorance and Darkness.

Well, at least a chance to banish another mediocre backbencher to political obscurity.

The Gib-campaign got all defensive when the Sun piece brought up Gibbons’ manipulation of scientific information. In fact, the campaign reminded us yet again that Gibbons is a scientist.

But, he just isn’t.

Now, the real reason that Gibbons is not a scientist is not because Gibbons only has a Masters and not a Ph.d in geology. And it’s not because he hasn’t been out in the field for decades. And it’s not because he spent more time as a professional pilot, studying for his J.D and voting the party line than he ever did busting rocks.

The real reason Jim Gibbons is not a scientist is because he’s gone out of his way to undermine the fragile principles that support science as a knowledge seeking enterprise. The Gibbons-Pombo report relied on the anomalous Seychelles Islands study on mercury’s effects while ignoring the existence of two other studies contradicting it. All to help protect Nevada goldmining operations and new coal-fired plants which will spew mercury into our neighboring states.

And I see Gibbons’ Head Spinner Robespierre Uithoven is still working on that stand-up comic act. Today’s joke: American cars and factories don’t contribute to global warming.

Stop it, guys. You’re killing us.

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2 comments to He’s No Scientist

  • Don Chealdman

    This report of yours is just a bunch of poltical nonsense!!
    You make so many allegations of injustice proffered by jim gibbons, that i wonder “who are you trying to reach with this vitriolic rhetoric?”
    Having an opinion is great, and is supported by the Fathers of the Constitution, but LET’S FINALLY BE REAL…. you are a democrat who hates republicans. Nothing wrong with that, by the way…however, your distortions of reality and accusations of rep gibbons are not based in the information of ANYONE who has witnessed rep. Gibbons’ leadership.
    Please, be more HONEST and less POLITICAL when reporting on members of congress and their votes.

  • You’re probably right, in fact extremely right. I’m beginning to sound like a Republican…a bit Rove-ish in fact. But, I can hardly challenge the masters of Republican sleaze in sleazeness.
    By the way, I really don’t hate Gibbons or any Republican…except maybe Richard Nixon cuz he did serious damage to the nation. I really hate their politics, though, because they are destroying America, and I think that’s a bad thing. I don’t know where you stand on that.
    As for information…that’s what the links are for. Follow a few and do a little reading.