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Bus Envy

The Beers for Gube campaign has unveiled its bus. You know, the one it bought from Bob’s parents cuz Bob was real envious of Jim Gibbons’ Chickenman Express.

You can click on the image for a closer view.

I’m not sure, but there seem to be some oddities about the picture. For one thing, Beer-man seems to be wearing a pirate’s hat. Something to do with the fact that TASC will shanghai our rights to representation through an elected legislature and replace rule of law with rule by mathematical formula. Sorta like the movie version of “I, Robot.”

Or maybe it’s because “Bald and Squinty” would make a good name for a Pirate.

One interesting thing about Bob’s picture is that it makes him look like the Family Guy. Don’t tell Dawn, but Jim Gibbons’ pic on his bus makes him look like a swinging bachelor. Sorta like Hugh Hefner on a bad hair day.

It’s true. Go look.

And I can’t tell from the pictures which is bigger, the Bobmobile or the Chickenman Express.

You see, Lorraine, size does matter when two manly men step outside and compare their buses.

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1 comment to Bus Envy

  • Kim

    Aw…be nice to Bob. At least he’s out there meeting with voters and sharing real solutions to the issues. Better to wear a pirate’s hat than a chicken suit, no?