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What's in a Name: The Beers Bus

Damon reports that Bob Beers is suffering from bus-envy and borrowed the family motor home so that he can campaign in the sticks–pardon me–the rurals–just like the G-man.

Question is, what to call the darn thing? The “chickenmanmobile” is already taken. So, I’ve set up a little survey in the upper-right hand corner with some of my suggestions.

If you have a better one (no surprise there) then leave a comment or email me.

If I think it’s a good-’un, I’ll rewrite the poll to include it.

Final results on the “Who is the ‘Monger” survey are here.

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1 comment to What’s in a Name: The Beers Bus

  • Factotum

    The Freedom Bus: If you’ve ever seen the British comedy “The Young Ones,” you’ll know why this would work.
    My second choice would be “Bob-Bus”