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Ethics, Grandstanding, and Fiscal Irresponsibility on the Campaign Trail

In the hard-copy of the Review Journal, Gib-guy had the following to say after voting for a bill limiting lobbyist access to lawmakers:

Elected officials should be held to the highest of standards to ensure they uphold the trust of their constituents. Today’s bill is a first step towards achieving that goal.

Be careful what you wish for, the saying goes. We have yet to see Gib-guy give back his dirty DeLay money, or the cash he happily grabbed from Titan Corp. torturers. Perhaps the Gib-meister has been in Washington too long to understand what high standards are. Not that pols around here would know any better–not when there’s free tickets! Whoohoo!

Gibbons also heroically voted again to reduce the Federal Deficit by less than one half of one percent over the next five years. He got to vote a second time cuz the bill was sent back from the Senate due to cool parliamentary tricks. Course it’s not enough for Gib-guy to make minuscule cuts in the fat deficits, he has to make them in student loans and Medicaid for the poor. And the 5% increase in defense spending Bush wants really makes the deficit reduction money look like chump change. Which is what it is. And Gibbons-Bush, Inc., think we’re the chumps.

Well, I suppose if you’re going to pass meaningless legislation, make sure it’s mean-spirited as well. That’s the Gibbons’ touch.

And my guess is that Dawn purchases the cars in the Gibbons household. And I’m not just saying that cuz some people think I am Dawn Gibbons. Erin Neff reports what happens when you let the Gibster buy a car–he comes home with junker after paying a premium price.

The Gibbons’ campaign paid $82,000 for a motor home and then wrapped a picture of the G-man around it for an extra $10,000. Surprisingly, no reports of heart-attacks resulting from viewing the vehicle were reported. Neff wondered if such fiscal irresponsibility in campaign spending might not be indicative of a fiscally irresponsible Gube if, per impossibile, the Gib got in. Good question. But Gibbons has already shown his fiscal incompetence by supporting the Bush deficits year after year.

By the way, Uithoven, 2 seconds on the Internet found the same model for $66K.

And I’m not just saying that cuz some people think I’m Uithoven.

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