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Damon Deserves Pulitzer

Anjeanette Damon Takes the Jim Gibbon GibbusForget Woodward. Forget Bernstein. H.L. Mencken’s got nothing on Anjeanette Damon, who daringly boarded the overpriced Gib-bus and began a voyage which would make Odysseus tremble.

Damon made it to Elko on burgers and sheer force of Will. However, I have been able to obtain an exclusive photograph of her on the Gib-bus. As you can tell, this photo is in absolutely no way retouched or altered by any program in any way resembling Photoshop.

Why Siggy et alia went with the “Chicken Man” theme is beyond me. And they seem to have placed the wrong URL on the side of the vehicle.

So far on the trip, GIbbons apparently remarked that if we had allowed him to give Nevada and the West over to big mining and development corporations, then he could have turned a mine near Lovelock into a dump.

Perhaps next time he’ll be a little more specific when he drafts legislation. Oh wait–there won’t be a next time. Not if we can help it.



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