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Congressman Jim Gibbons: "There is No War" In Iraq?

Congressman Jim Gibbons met with some war protesters on July 1, 2004. Blood loving Congressman Jim Gibbons basically blew them off:

The four members of the Reno Anti-War Coalition who met with Gibbons included Jeanmarie Simpson, the Reno mother of a 23-year-old serviceman.

“As the parent of someone in the service I asked him to please help bring them home because we need them here,” Simpson said after the meeting at Gibbons office in the federal building in Reno.

“There are not enough people here to fight this wildfire burning (on the edge of Reno) or to be police officers or Boys and Girls club volunteers. We need them to do things here. We don’t need 5,000 of them to come home blown to bits,” she said.

“He thanked me for my son’s service. … (but) he seemed unmoved.”

Representative Jim Gibbons said that “We represent everybody,” but the Reno Anti-War Coalition found out that “everybody” only includes those who agress with Gibbons’ radical right-wing agenda. (And what’s with the royal “we”, your Highness??)

One bizarre statement that came out of the Congressman’s mouth was his claim that “there is no war.” Shades of Bush standing in front of the “Mission Accomplished” sign. Thousands and thousands of Americans are over there in harm’s way, with the “insurgency” building every day, but in Gibbons’ mind “there is no war.”

I guess the Gibster has unilaterally called a halt to the “War on Terror,” too.

Do you really want this guy running the Select Committee on Intelligence?

And get this, Congressman Jim Gibbons claimed that he wouldn’t be swayed by public opinion. Now that’s an odd statement from a fellow who’s job is to represent the public of Nevada’s Second District. Who’s opinion should be swaying him? Just his big donors from the Defense Industry?

And the worst thing is that he won’t even take the time to consider the views of his constituents seriously.

Come on, enough is enough. Say it along with me: VOTE JIM GIBBONS OUT OF CONGRESS!

Let’s have a look at those Defense Industry Contributions to Jim Gibbons, thanks to

Defense Aerospace $21,000

BAE Systems North America $3,500
Boeing Co $3,000
General Dynamics $7,500
General Electric $1,000
Lockheed Martin $4,500
Rolls-Royce North America $1,500

Defense Electronics $11,500

DRS Technologies $2,500
Raytheon Co $2,000
Science Applications International Corp $1,000
Sierra Nevada Corp $5,000
Titan Corp $1,000

Misc Defense $4,000

AAI Corp $1,000
Northrop Grumman $2,000
United Defense $1,000

That’s $36,500 total, folks. And that name Titan seems familiar. Oh, yeah. Those were the guys torturing prisoners in Abu Ghraib. Give it back, Congressman! That’s blood money!

Knowing the Gibster, he’s probably going to call up CACI and ask ‘em where their contributtion is.

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